Friday, February 24, 2012

I chose Portnov for 4 basic reasons

Why did I choose Portnov? I chose Portnov for 4 basic reasons. 1. I needed a refresher course in QA after being away from QA and technology for several years. 2. I felt Portnov would provide me training in the areas “currently in demand” in the job market. 3. Portnov is an established school which has been training QA professionals for years. 4. And finally, because they had an internship program to help me get my foot in the door.

Ultimately the results are what mattered. I landed a fulltime contractor QA Analyst position with Stanford University before completing my last class at Portnov. This was a fulltime contractor position (not an internship). Both of the Stanford managers that interviewed me mentioned that they had previously hired students from Portnov and were pleased with their performance. I feel that their performance and success helped me in winning my position.

I recommend Portnov as a good beginning point for starting your career in QA. They will show you the areas which you need to learn. In addition I suggest that you supplement your training with additional work in each of the areas to gain a deeper understanding. You will find that continuous learning is a vital ingredient for a successful career in QA.

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