Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lets start with square one

Since 1994 I have been observing transformations, which happen to people who change their lives. In 1994 I started Portnov Computer School ( - it happend (by accident) to be the very first Software QA school in the World. We teach people various aspects of manual and automated Software testing and help them to get a job. Nobody comes to us to get the academic kind of knowledge. They want a job. And this is what our school is about - getting a well paid job.

They come with hope and lack of confidence - can I do that? How is that possible? Am I good enough to really get there?

Than I see them after they get a first job. Than they come to say hi in year or two. I see that miracle of transformation - confident, happy, shining eyes, firm handshake.

It is a really fascinating process. I will bring to that blog testimonials of our graduates, links to their blogs and publications. Are you a graduate of Portnov Computer School? You are very welcome to share your testimonials.

All the legitimate comments are greatly appreciated!!!

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